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Dear Friends,

Enterprising Latinas, Inc.’s mission is to create economic opportunities for women in Tampa Bay. We accomplish this by teaching new skills, creating networks of mutual support, and advocating for innovative solutions to promote economic mobility and equity.

As a woman of color led organization that began operations in 2014, Enterprising Latinas recognizes the social inequities driving the gap in wages and wealth for women and we are dedicated to addressing these at the individual, community and systems level. We believe that when women do well, their families do better, and the community prospers. Our approach reflects our organization’s commitment to help all women regardless of race or ethnicity to increase their economic prosperity and ensure their rights and equality, also known as the 3A’s of women’s economic empowerment:

  • AGENCY – assisting women identify their passion, pathway and purpose and make decisions that serve their best interest.
  • ASSETS – providing resources to help increase women’s assets whether tangible or intangible.
  • ACCESS – forging new relationships that provide access to the market place, capital and other resources that help women realize their personal, professional and entrepreneurial goals.

Every year, ELI provides family support services, entrepreneurial assistance, and skills development to hundreds of families that reside in the greater Wimauma area. Although ELI receives funding from various sources to provide these much-needed services to women and families at no cost, we still need your financial help to continue to meet the increasing cost of operations and to continue making an impact in the lives of the individuals who come through our doors for assistance.

Help us help our community! Make your financial contribution today.

Thank you.
Liz Gutierrez, CEO
Enterprising Latinas, Inc.

Enterprising Latinas, Inc., is recognized as tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Certificate of Exemption: 85-8016816553C-2.