Wimauma Connects is a free internet Wi-Fi network that provides residents, families, and businesses in Wimauma Village access to online resources. The network was established in 2019 by Enterprising Latinas with funding support from Allegany Franciscan Ministries.

WiFi Map Phase One


Wimauma Connects is a network of Wi-Fi access points along State Road 674 where community residents living near the downtown area of the Wimauma Village can access free Internet 24-hours a day, everyday! Local businesses can provide their customers with access to the network while promoting their services. The network’s target area is from Sheffield Street to the East, and Edina Street to the West, on both the north and south sides of the SR 674 commercial corridor.

WiFi Map Phase Two


In 2020, our goal was to bring internet service and connectivity to where it was needed most.

We identified three low-income, high-density residential communities in Wimauma:

  1. La Estancia
  2. The Groves
  3. Newmauma Homes

These three communities are home to more than 300 low-income families, or approximately 1200 people.

To reach that many homes efficiently, we installed several antenna towers in targeted locations including Reddick Elementary School, The Groves Apartments, and La Estancia Apartments. These antennas are solar-powered and  provide connectivity up to a half-mile radius.


In 2021, we began Phase 3 of the Wimauma Connects project by installing two antenna towers at the following locations:

First Prospect Missionary Baptist Church
6012 Edina St.
Wimauma, FL

Mt. Moriah Baptist Church
5909 Vel St.
Wimauma, FL

This helps us to serve more members of our Wimauma community by offering a broader range internet service.

Where to find the free Wi-Fi signal in Wimauma?

Look for the antenna at your favorite business in Wimauma. If they don’t have one, ask them to join the Wimauma Connects program. It’s free to join!

Image of WiFi Signal Box mounted on Wimauma Business

Ana’s Restaurant
5705 SR 674
(813) 634-3721

Aquarius Water
5914 SR 674
(813) 634-3134
Open M-F 9am-5pm

Tienda Centroamerica 
5704 SR 674

El Mariachi Loco
5640 SR 674
(813) 633-6777
Open M-F 9am-5pm

La Fruteria Mexicana
5803 SR 674
(813) 633-8786

Los Angeles Mexican Restaurant
5649 SR 674
(813) 938-5852

Royal Kutz Barbershop
5645 SR 674
(813) 494-0275

Swiger’s Crates and Boxes
5816 SR 674
(813) 634-1573

Taqueria El Sol
702 Railroad St.
(813) 633-2777
Open 7 days a week, 8am-10pm

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Image of Wimauma Connects Signal Coverage Area

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